Olusola and Oyenike Areogun Development Initiative (OOAD Initiative) is a Christian based non-governmental organisation and the development arm of Sola Areogun Ministries where support is given and love is shown to the vulnerable and less privileged individuals and communities, thus empowering them to fulfilling their dreams in life. We identify and tackle socio-economic and health-related problems that subject people to poverty or threaten their state of living a balanced life – physically, emotionally, spiritually and socially.

Operation GLAD

Operation Give Life to a Destiny (Operation GLAD) is an anointed scholarship platform raised by God through our Father & Mother – Rev Olusola & Oyenike Areogun to enable children of Ministers of God to have access to an international and world-class high education.

OOADI Undergraduate Scholarship

This scheme provides scholarship for Christian indigent students studying at public tertiary institutions in Nigeria. This is especially meant for those with genuine financial constraint, unable to pay their school fees, thereby threatening their focus or performance in school.

Education Empowerment

we believe that higher education is essential, not only to individuals but the welfare and development goals of nations. This, coupled with our founders’ first-hand experience with poverty in their early years, despite being academically excellent, motivated them to set up educational initiatives and programs to contribute to literacy and educational development goals in Africa.


Empowering girls and women remains a critical developmental strategy for reducing global poverty and achieving sustainable development goals. These inform the multi-faceted interventions we’ve designed and developed over years to empowering girls and women at all levels, although with a preference for the disadvantaged ones.


Want to be part of this anointed project?
Operation GLAD raises anointed sponsors from a pool of God’s children that has been blessed and desire to sow seeds into the lives of these anointed servants of God who are have given all to serve God in remote mission fields. You can be part of Operation GLAD on two levels: Full Sponsor or Donor Sponsor